Build Your Own JavaScript Infrastructure
with Amjad Masad (FULL)

The landscape of JavaScript build tools, transpilers, polyfills and test frameworks is famously out of control. These are not bad technologies, but they are overzelously celebrated and occasionally misused: to take advantage of their power, we must first understand both their rationale and their inner workings.

This workshop is a unique opportunity to learn both, from one of the individuals most qualified to guide you.

About Amjad

Amjad Masad is CEO and founder of Previously, he was a tech lead on the JavaScript infrastracture team at Facebook, which he helped establish. His team’s purpose was to make JavaScript development easier, accessible, and generally better, which led them to build and/or maintain Babeljs, Jest, and the React Native packager among other tools. Prior to Facebook, he was the first employee at Codecademy.

About the Workshop

The goal of the workshop will be for you to build your own JavaScript infrastructure from scratch, to help you better understand the best tools to use (or build!) for any given job. It will run for six hours (plus a break for lunch) combining direct instruction from Amjad with hands-on project work overseen by him as well as one or more Bradfield instructors. To keep things interactive, we’d like to limit the number of participants to around 15.


  • 10am-11am: Introduction, history of JavaScript and the web, and an overview of tools
  • 11am-1pm: Build a simple yet feature-complete CommonJS module system
  • 1pm-2pm: Break for lunch (provided)
  • 2pm-3:30pm: Build a transpiler
  • 3:30pm-5pm: Build a test framework and runner

Date, Location and Tickets

UPDATE: This workshop is now full. Please email [email protected] to be informed if we run it again.

This workshop will run 10am-5pm on Sunday, the 23rd of July, at Bradfield HQ, 576 Natoma Street, San Francisco. The cost of attendance is a tax deductible donation of your choice (recommended amount $200, but please be generous if you can) to Hack Club, a nonprofit that helps high schoolers start awesome after-school coding clubs. Make a donation then forward your receipt to [email protected] to confirm your place! Lunch will be provided.


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