Build your own 3D renderer
with Avik Das

This two day workshop is an introduction to 3D graphics and virtual reality.

The games we play and movies we watch aren’t created by magic: they’re built atop of intuitive principles that can be learnt by anyone. We’ll learn these principles together, by first rendering a scene in VR using Unity, then starting again from scratch writing a 3D renderer of our own.

About Avik

Avik is CTO of Primitive, building a virtual reality code exploration product. Prior to Primitive he worked at Linkedin and Vida Health. He has a dual BA/BS in pure math and EE/CS from the University of California at Berkeley where he undertook research in computer graphics with Carlo H. Séquin.

About the Workshop

The goal of the workshop will be to build an intuition for the core ideas behind 3D graphics programming. You will be writing a 3D renderer from scratch, with instruction and direct guidance from Avik. To keep things highly interactive, this workshop is limited to 10 participants.

Participants are expected to be confident programmers (recommended at least 2 years professional experience or equivalent). The exercises will be in JavaScript. No math background is assumed beyond high school level, although some familiarity with linear algebra is advantageous (you may enjoy watching some of Grant Sanderson’s Essence of linear algebra videos beforehand).

For more information, see Avik’s lesson notes and project list

Date, Location and Tickets

This workshop will run 10am-4pm on Saturday and Sunday, the 2nd and 3rd of September, at Bradfield HQ, 576 Natoma Street, San Francisco. Lunch will be provided. Tickets are $300 and available here.


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