Bradfield Professional Training

As a complement to on-the-job learning, top engineering teams use Bradfield to accelerate the growth of their engineers and confidently hire from a broader talent pool.

How does it work?

  • Curriculum is tailored to the students’ and organization’s needs
  • Students attend weekly 1-on-1 training sessions of two hours length, for 12 weeks
  • Instructor provides customized practice work between sessions and are available on a slack channel to answer questions

What is taught?

Our training emphasizes important foundational concepts that may be difficult to learn on the job or at home. For any given student, sessions and exercises are designed to form layers of fundamental understanding building up to the targeted concrete skills.

For instance, if our training objective for the student were React.js proficiency, we may build a curriculum around functional programming in JavaScript, choosing appropriate data structures, understanding the DOM and browser rendering engines.

If we were targeting general “back end” proficiency, sessions may cover—depending on the student—the UNIX process model, asynchronous I/O, algorithms and data structures, and data modelling.

For Rails/Django proficiency as a final example, we might cover relational data modelling, the request/response model, separation of concerns, and idiomatic Ruby/Python.

In short, the 1-on-1 model allows us to tailor instruction to the needs of the student, emphasizing lasting understanding over transient knowledge.

Who are the instructors?

Both Myles Byrne and Ozan Onay have over a decade of experience as software engineers and engineering managers.

Myles was most recently CTO of Dev Bootcamp. Ozan was CTO of and Topguest.

They have clocked thousands of hours personally instructing and mentoring high-potential engineers.


Both Myles and Oz are incredible engineers and teachers, and were separately the two people who have had the greatest impact on my career as an engineer.

Myles' instruction helped me understand more advanced concepts in programming than any other teacher, and was a key reason why I was able to secure my first job at Healthtap. Working with Oz helped me break through a plateau as a junior engineer, and has been the highest growth period of my career.

I could think of no better people to help engineers secure great jobs and level up their abilities.

— Omar Rayward

If you care about software craftsmanship then you need a mentor, full stop. I look forward to working with Myles and Oz for the foreseeable future and investing my free time into learning only the right next things, the things I didn’t know I didn’t know, instead of wasting my time learning the APIs of JavaScript frameworks.

— Jason Benn

Myles helped me not just with the things I didn’t know, but more importantly with the things I didn’t know I didn’t know. He was instrumental to me building up my programming interview skillsets. Through working with Myles, I have already landed one offer that was $42k higher than my previous salary.

— Sidney Zhang

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