Engineering Leadership

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High-impact roles require working through and influencing other people. These are often assumed to be innate skills, but there is in fact a wealth of established best practices that can be learned by all.

Bradfield’s Engineering Leadership course is an intensive series of interactive, scenario-based workshops, lead by Xavier Shay, most recently the Director of Payments Engineering and Analytics at Square. It covers both the technical elements of effective engineering leadership as well as foundational theories to enable participants to develop their own leadership frameworks and styles.

This course is most suited to current and prospective engineering managers.

Projects and exercises

Classes will be heavily discussion-driven, with relevant theory being covered in assigned reading. Expect to bring your own scenarios to discuss in class. Leadership is a skill best learned through consideration of theory in the context of real experiences.

Assumed knowledge

Proficiency in software engineering is assumed, since class discussions will be oriented around technical topics. This course is primarily aimed at managers, though most of the content is relevant for all senior roles.