Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures

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31 Mar - 8 May 2020
5:00pm-6:30pm PT Tue/Fri


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We agree with decades of conventional wisdom that familiarity with common algorithms and data structures is one of the most empowering aspects of a computer science education. This is also a great place to train one’s general problem solving abilities, which pays off in every other area of technical study.

In this course you will learn a number of important ways to model data (data structures) and answer interesting questions about them (algorithms). We are sure these will prove useful throughout your career. More importantly however, you will develop a stronger ability to understand, break down and solve novel problems, whether inventing your own techniques or repurposing those which we teach you.


  1. Methodical Problem Solving
  2. Asymptotic Analysis
  3. Stacks, Queues and Deques
  4. Priority Queues, Sets and Maps
  5. Recursion
  6. Binary Search
  7. Divide and Conquer
  8. Graph Search: DFS and BFS
  9. Graph Search: Weighted Graphs
  10. Dynamic Programming
  11. Dynamic Programming: Advanced Techniques
  12. Problem Solving Practice

Projects and exercises

This class is oriented around hands-on problem solving. While your instructor will spend some time helping you better understand certain concepts, you will mostly be solving small problems on the whiteboard and by writing code in your language of choice, to build a better intuition for the subject matter. You will also be given practice problems to work on between classes.

Assumed knowledge

This course assumes confident programming ability in any language.

Available sessions

31 Mar - 8 May 2020
5:00pm-6:30pm PT Tue/Fri
Live online

This course will next be taught by

Oz Nova

Oz is the lead instructor at Bradfield, and most frequently teaches Algorithms and Data Structures, Computer Architecture, Databases, Operating Systems and Distributed Systems. Prior to co-founding Bradfield, he worked for a decade as a software engineer and engineering manager, including as CTO and Co-founder of Topguest (acquired by Switchfly) and